City Hopper



The City Hopper electric scooter, its all in the name. This is our middle range electric scooter. This is for someone who wants a fast reliable scooter to get them from A to B. It is the perfect compromise between power and a neat and tidy fold up size. The City Hopper is the perfect scooter to get you around the city and it has a very impressive range of 45km.

The City Hopper has excellent grippy tires for those greasy and wet Irish roads. It is a comfortable ride where you can turn on cruise control. It also has multiple power delivery options, so if you want to enjoy the scenery, leave it in “Eco” mode but if your running late or want a bit of a thrill, knock it into “Sport” mode for full power delivery from the electric scooters 400W motor. That extra grunt is sure to get you up those steep hills!

P.S. FREE delivery 😉

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