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Zipper is the perfect entry level electric scooter. It is affordable and a perfect all rounder. It is extremely comfortable and well able for Irish roads with excellent anti slip tyres and excellent suspension. The zipper is well lit up with a head light and tail light for those dark evenings. The brakes are also top quality with front and rear disc brake.

Zipper has a 25km range which is perfect for going to work and home and has a top speed of 25kmh. You can also turn on your cruise control to maintain this speed. When you get to work or school, you can fold up the electric scooter with our safe latch system.

You will not be disappointed with the Zipper electric scooter!

P.S. Shipping is FREE! 🙂

1 review for Zipper

  1. Sarah Regan

    Early days but very happy with the scooter. Good fun.

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